Biscuits for… Beekeepers

This edition of the biscuits series includes a fresh selection of hive mind beats buzzing around your ear. If you want to keep up with all the editions of this podcast, search for sndlgc in the app of your choice or you can subscribe manually using this link.

I conceived of the Biscuits as a sort of rapid response tool. The idea was simple: to make themed electronic mixes with new tracks. I try to listen for a few tracks that hang together to my ear, and then start trolling new release listings for things that fit the developing theme.

That developing theme isn’t always easy to define—like trying to describe something you can touch but not see. This time around I was hearing something about dense, pulsating beats, but not necessarily four-to-the-floor. In these tracks, when you de-emphasize the traditional electronic elements—kick, snare, hi hat—other elements swell to fill the void: handclaps, toms, woodblocks, et al.

I’ve found it good to not have the idea overly defined. A path too narrow and I’d never collect the tracks as fast as I’d like, and it would be too… homogenous. Instead, the Beekeepers mix veers from the pummelling high tempos Oyeshack to the goofy footwork of Foodman to the laidback vibes of Dwart.

The unifying metaphor in my mind was this: these tracks could serve as soundtrack for an über-hip documentary about insect life. There was something about the way the dense, off-kilter clusters of percussion reminded me of swarms of bees coalescing into a suspended. heaving mound.

As with most all the Biscuits series, all these tracks are fresh, released (or reissued) in just the last six months, or so. Nearly all of them are things I found by digging—not acts I keep tabs on. They whizz by at a brisk pace: with 32 tracks in 80 minutes the average is two and half minutes. That’s all edited down from a total of three plus hours.

I hope you find something to dig into further. The podcast is loaded with chapters to let you know who’s who and links to find more. So here’s another helping of biscuits.

Shiken Hanzo: Khans of Takir
Bergonist: Conflict in Yemen
Osheyack: Untitled 6
Garies: Soda Springs
Nicolas Gaunin: Tumu Haari
Peverelist: Left Hand
Dauwd: Murmure Rouge (Mécanique Running mix)
The System: Vampirella
Isolated Lines: Trivium
Linkwood: Nae Drama
Toma Kami: Land of the Insane
Benoit B: Kimono
Grim Lusk: It’s My Nature
Gen Ludd: Marraskuu
Foodman: Percussion
Andrea Taeggi: Dinergy
Don’t DJ: Rag for Rudolf Rocker
Duckett: Magic Headlines Foul the Air
Randomer: Van Pelt
Boofy: Perfunktion
Ben Penn: Not Important
Palta & Ti: På Hovedet I Seng
Bambounou: Dernier Metro
Via Maris: CU2
Uwalmassa: Untitled no.6
Sin Falta: Diamonds
Dwart: Red Mambo (Impromptu)
Niagara: Siena
Arp: Folding Water
Inland / Julian Charrière: Up River
Beta Librae: Canis Major
Melly: Mineral Water