The Sentence

Zach Cooper, 2016

I didn't buy this record, initially. I had ordered Zac Nelson's new record (off the same label) and received Zach Cooper's, instead. Being my over-enthusiastic self, the seal was broken before I even realized the mistake. I knew I didn't recognize the cover but …you know, sometimes the vinyl has different art, erm…

Anyway, upon catching on that something was amiss, I felt beholden at this point to give Cooper's The Sentence a listen, at least. I mean, it was here already. I quite liked it. The album is filled with simple miniatures, played by soloists or small ensembles, recorded in such a way that it feels more like a field recording of a rehearsal or busker in the park. Many of the tracks come to through a deep layer of his, and clarity is not the point. In fact, the murk that surrounds this record starts to work on it's own hypnotic level. I can't imagine a mixed up order turning out so good in the end. After contacting the seller, I payed for Cooper's LP and now Nelson's is in the mail (hopefully, I'll get to that one later).