YPY, 2016

If there's an ironclad truth in electronic music, it's the grid. Everything is programmed to and synced by a universal clock; the MIDI. It makes beat programming possible while stringently confining it at the same time. I've heard it said that our brains are uncommonly attuned to changes in rhythm, it's primally compelling to our minds, but techno is (by design) unwavering. Of course, every rule is broken almost as quickly as it's written. Electricians, devising strategies to fight valiantly against that infernal grid is almost always vital listening, and on Zurhyrethm, YPY proves to be exceptional at it. Within the first minutes, it's downright confounding. With a lead-off that audacious, YPY develops more subtle disruptions in the following tracks, but never stops wantonly fucking with your brain's (or his computer's) expectations.