field report no.060616


It feels petty to say it, but my first impression of Tigue was sullied by their naif-hippie presentation. They strolled onto stage wearing day-glo pants with mismatched socks and vests amateurishly adorned with spirals of yarn. Don't misunderstand, I can totally appreciate a desire to subvert the concert hall's formal paradigm, but as a rebellion this seemed half-baked and trite.

After overcoming my initial reaction, Tigue's music was quite enjoyable. It was surprisingly diverse (for a percussion trio). Triangle, with vibraphones and featuring two guest bassists, came off sounding like vintage Tortoise. Quilts could pass fora remix of Steve Reich's Four Organs, with the droning keys underpinning intricate, phasing percussion patterns, while a maraca incessantly kept time. One piece involved a bit of abstract theater as one performer tried to deflate a mound of puffed-up trash bags as quickly as possible while the other two contributed intermittent drum interjections.

Roulette, as a not-for-profit arts org, offers memberships which include 'all-access' passes. It makes giving something like Tigue a try, very low risk. It feels like a free show (even if, technically, you paid for it in advance). It doesn't hurt that Roulette is now practically down the street from me… Given all that, Tigue was a welcome discovery. 

NOTES: Matt Evans, Amy Garapic, Carson Moody: percussion, organ, props;