Dub Feast

The Congos, 2006(?)

There are some artists and styles of music that I only manage a cursory interest in. Their only commonality is their histories are tough to untangle and upsets the librarian portion of my brain. The provenance, lineage and history of most Jamaican music is like a black box to me. Certainly it's (at least, in part) knowable, but it's more work than I can expend. It took some serious digging just to figure out that Dub Feast is not a vintage recording, but is in fact, rather recent.  More accurately, the original album—called Feast (or, alternately and much more expressively, Cock Mouth Kill Cock)—was new.

The Congos' history reaches back to the classic reggae era of the 70s, but they fell off the map early only to swing back around the turn of the century, when recorded a fresh album… or at least new vocals for a collection of rhythm tracks dating from the late-70s / early-80s. Of course, Dub Feast is the dub version of that album, so even the Congos' freshly recorded vocals are largely excised from the original dusty backing tracks and we are left with newly-dubbed vintage riddims. The producers stuck to traditional dub stylings, keeping the feel of the album classic. No wonder I was so convinced of the albums antiquity.