Bazerk! Bazerk! Bazerk!

Son of Bazerk, 1991

Sometimes, when you're reading about music, you just know you need to hear it. There was an extended essay about a Public Enemy related group, Son of Bazerk, over at the Quietus. In their heyday, they only managed one album, one fraught with difficulties and delays. Halfway through the article, I was trolling for a copy. To start with, like many-a middle-aged white dude, Public Enemy was an early entry point and touchstone of hip hop in my suburban teenage years. More convincingly though, they argued Bazerk's style took hip hop's post-modern leanings even further afield. He was meta-meta. Songs would change tempo repeatedly. Genres would be mashed with utter disregard. It often sounds so 'in', it's easy to miss just how far out the album is.