Ambiq 2

Max Loderbauer / Claudio Puntin / Samuel Rohrer, 2015

Sometimes, the world just seems to work in cycles. Safe in Harbour was easily in my top ten last year, but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't because half the duo of Ricardo Villalobos. The other half, Max Loderbauer, I'd never really followed, per se. Even when I looked him up, it was more, "Oh, he's the dude who was Sun Electric in the 90s, hmm. Never really listened to them." Then very recently I bought a Thomas Friedmann EP which featured a ridiculously killer remix by Samuel Rohrer.

What really brought me to table was the remix EP from Ambiq 2. It featured a mixes by an old favorite (Thomas Fehlmann) and new obsession (Margaret Dygas). Those tracks were so damn good it sent me rushing out to see what else I could subsequently acquire. The original Ambiq 2 LP is actually less electronica than I expected from the remix EP, and more along the lines of lounge-y, electroacoustic improvisation. It's hyper-detailed in an unfussy way, making each pass and variation a new impression. Though subtle, it forces you to meet it half way by refusing to just loop and simply fade into the background.


Tyler Friedman, 2016

About three minutes into this 12" single online, and I was shopping for a copy. Both sides feature a single extended track. Side A is a mirrored labyrinth of digital marimbas taunting your perceptions. Side B is a remix, so drastically reworked it might as well be a different song altogether—more tribal, like a nyahbinghi house workout. In all you get a straight 20 minutes of listening, so solid I had trouble picking which version to feature…