Sam Rivers, 1976

Collecting music is at best, meandering. I was busy collecting everything I could associated with Circle, the advanced jazz quartet in the early 70s of Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul and the great Anthony Braxton. Circle was short-lived, essentially lasting only 1 year. Shortly, three-fourths of the group reconvened for Dave Holland's classic, Conference of the Birds—replacing Chick Corea with a second firebrand saxophonist, Sam Rivers. Thereafter, with Braxton too busy to come around, Rivers, Holland and Altschul cut a number of records together in througout 70s.

Which led to Sizzle, which contains that same trio at its core. By 1976, we are far afield from the calculus-complexity of Circle, and instead deep into free-wheeling skronk funk worthy of Ornette Coleman and Prime Time. Filling out the group is electric guitarist Ted Dunbar and vibist / second drummer Warren Smith. Even if everyone isn't soloing, no one is ever straight-comping. The busy bass lines are mixed up front to compete with the guitar. Sizzle swirls, a vortex of collective energy.