Our Lady of Perpetual Fucking Succour

A New Line (Related), 2015

It's funny: when I saw the title Our Lady of Perpetual Fucking Soccour, I said to myself, "That sounds like a something Hood would have come up with." Hood, being the indie band that brought you titles like One-Way Negative Friend Utilization. After enjoying some preview samples quite a bit, I went ahead and ordered this EP. Only later, did I find out half of A New Line (Related) was, in fact, a one-time member of Hood. Nailed it.

Each track on this EP works—alone and with the others. Where one evokes early Seefeel (to my mind), another is a long, slow building slab of basic channel dub techno. Most importantly, with no gimmick or catch, each of these four songs has a strong emotional undertow. They're not gleeful or morose—more melancholy and anxious (and, at least once, cheery). This sort of subtle but effective emotional expression seems a talent mutually shared across the greater Hood community.