Royal Trux, 1998

There was a point I worried Royal Trux would disappear from history. Sure, Neil Michael Hagerty shared space in gutter punk pioneers, Pussy Galore, but his reputation seems overshadowed by former bandmate Jon Spencer. RT is more hipster aficionado knowledge, whereas Blues Explosion have secured space somewhere in the canon of 90s indie rock.

A quick scan of the critique and you will learn that Accelerator  is the easy contender for their masterpiece. I have to agree; I've never heard anything like it. It's where lo-fi scuzz rock finally gets a production budget, without losing their gnarl. It's a sonic paradox that can easily leave you feeling queasy. Everything about this record smells of excess, and yet it's also exacting and stripped to bare minimalism. Accelerator is what I wanted Exile on Main Street to sound like (after reading the lore of that Stones album).

This is the sound of people, quite successfully, taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.