18½ Minute Gaps

Turinn, 2017

Bass in electronic music is often thumping, or pounding (or sometimes wobbling) but often still melodic. Not the crowd on the Modern Love label: their bass drops are like black holes—a void in the music, threatening to suck the rest of what you're hearing into its silent abyss. It may be a gimmick, but Modern Love's been at for years now and I've not tired of it yet. Turinn is such a fit for their overall aesthetic, he's easily slotted next to Andy Stott or Demdike Stare.

The way Turinn sets up the singular premise of each track and proceeds to tease ever-more mileage from it brings to mind the title of Steve Reich's famous manifesto, Music as a Gradual Process (even if it doesn't adhere to the letter of that law). With a deceptively static background, he makes the smallest gestures seem dramatic—points driven home with each sound in the mix chiseled razor sharp.