field report no.080416

SUBJECT: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

In NYC, there's so much going on, every thing you choose to do is in exclusion of 20 others. So choosing to do the same thing twice comes with some freight. Wanting to make the most of it, I'll often forgo repeat performances, but here we are, barely 2 months later, seeing Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, again. The simple answer is: I'm obsessed with her record, EARS. More than that, though, I wanted to get Angela to see her, since she wasn't able to make the last show. Furthermore, this was a chance to see Aurelia Smith in The pleasant setting of the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art, one early evening.

We arrived early and secured some chairs (scarce commodities), grabbed some lovely cocktails and settled in to catch up with our friends before the show. While this one didn't end up having the joyously overwhelming of the club show, Smith had been touring her new material for a couple months and ventured out more from EARS than before.

There was an entertaining aspect, watching the keenly interested fans mingled with the casual and the unsuspecting. My favorite was a middle-aged mother who got Kaitlyn to pose for a op with her tourist children after the show. 

PRESENT: AMS, Angela F; Jose A, Jesse S; Pia S, Russell S