Mark Wynn, 2016

The official story of lo-fi is has it as an art born out of necessity: people with little means were dead set on recording. Due to the genre's success, It has eventually evolved into a style unto itself. There are now even a number of generational touchstones officially canonized within lo-fi's history. It seems lo-fi is in a constant state of revival—the same way there's always new bands carrying the torch for power pop or garage rock. It's no longer something to be tracked in waves or generationally, but as a continuous line.

Mark Wynn has an uncanny ability in punching so many lo-fi fanatic's pleasure centers, he's a clarion call for anyone who grew up with this stuff. His album—officially titled: 'Singles', but They're not Really Singles, I Just Sent Them to the Screen and Said They Were Singles—belies it's contents with a chaotic collaged cover. The gnarly, tinny, home-recorded quality recording evokes a voyeuristic feeling to this day—like you're getting access to someone's private audio diary. 'Singles'… brims with ramshackle attitude: Wynn nails a particularly British strain of snottiness. He even has the good sense to sneer at his predecessors on tracks like Rip Off the Fall

While he may be 'just' the next span in a continuous line, but he's proving a worthy keeper of the lo-fi flame.