Utakata No Hibi

Mariah, 1983

I'm proud of my contrarian streak, most the time. If I see too many people queuing up to praise some 'unearthed gem of post-punk obscurity', like Mariah's Utakata No Hibi, it will adversely affect my first listen. I'll be too busy looking for that grain of salt—the catch—to enjoy it for what it might be. Sometimes, the real catch is that I just need to get over myself. Zeitgeist can be real. There are moments on Utakata No Hibi that sound positively modern. It has something to do with it's crispness: most post-punk, even though they'd use keyboards, usually sounded scruffy and lo-fi. Mariah marries bright, new wave rhythms to exotica-tinged eastern melodies to form a staccato pop that's still easy listening.