field report no.030416

LOCATION: Le Poisson Rouge NY.NY
SUBJECT: Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos

it's not controversial to say Ribot is one of the greatest living guitarists. A fact which makes it especially fun to see him a setting as light hearted and freewheeling as his Arsenio Rodriguez tribute group, Cubanos Postizos (or, Prosthetic Cubans). Which is not to say it was safe or without risk. This is still live improvisation, even if it's operating within an idiom of afro-cuban party music.

I don't know what precipitated this reunion of los Postizos—which hasn't put out an album since 2000. I picked up the band's eponymous debut when it was released, already an avid follower of Marc Ribot. Even if I didn't know much about afro-cuban music. It played well. I quickly knew that record inside and out—even if it didn't lead me to discover the whole history of the music.

The band, tore into the work with visible glee. At one point, a friend noted there was decades of history on the stage; Ribot and Coleman go back together to (at least) the mid-80s. So it was a night best framed as: watching ridiculously talented old friends get together and let loose ons some cuban jams.

NOTES: Marc Ribot, guitar; Anthony Coleman, organ; Robert J. Brad Jones, bass; Rodriguez, drums; EJ Rodriguez, percussion;
PRESENT: AMS, Jose A., Mark G., Ted N.