Love Revisited

Love, compiled 1970

For the last few months, I was on a Love bender. I gathered their entire collection, digitally, and endeavored to accurately catalogue everything: solo records, archival material, bonus tracks, etc. I wanted to do all this before I got some Love on vinyl, as I just wasn't sure what one to get. Thankfully, the Brooklyn Flea solved my problem by presenting me a $10 copy of Love Revisited: a compilation originally released by Elektra Records after Arthur Lee and the gang jumped ship. It features selections from their first three records (which essentially, their entire reputation rests upon) as well as the odd, non-album single.

I don't often go in for best-of or greatest hits comps. An album represents a complete artistic statement, and while every song may not be radio-friendly, they often do offer a more diverse character and nuance to an artist. That said,  Revisited had a strange appeal to me: it was a rarity unto itself, long out-of-print and only ever issued on vinyl.