Oto Hiax, 2017

Hearing Seefeel's Quique in 1993 was a life-altering experience for me. By the end of of Climactic Phase no.3, my taste in music had changed irrevocably. I've followed Mark Clifford's career closely since then, through various projects, with a clutch of gap years. Of late, not only has Seefeel swung back into action, but Clifford has a new project as well, with Scott Gordon of Loops Haunt, called Oto Hiax (how exactly is that pronounced, again?). Clifford's work of late emphasizes an unmoored textural exploration. Every sound in the mix has a profound depth of detail and an unstable nature. Things dip, wobble or skip without notice. Gordon seems to provide both a rhythmic undertow in the manner of throbbing pulsations and a buried sense of field recordings, giving all these sonic abstractions some structure and a little human heft.