Kompakt_ed 3

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Kompakt are titans of techno. The Köln collective are more than a record label—they're a store, a distributor, but most of all, tastemakers. For over a decade I've followed their lead, scouring weekly recommendations of new releases, looking for new tracks.

I especially like trolling their list of new 12-inches (particularly by bands I don't already know). I'll purchase maybe one song (digitally) for every 3 or 4 singles, then file it away in my library. Once I've collected about 30+ hours of these random tracks, I'll go through and pick about 2½ hours worth to represent the best of it. That will run through my usual editing process, whittling those tracks down to fit into an 80-minute mix. So by my count, this podcast is quadruple-distilled.

This particular episode represents over four years of collecting. In 80 minutes and 23 songs, it covers a lot of ground: funky to technical; four-to-the-floor bangers to trippy, fucked-up stumblers.

The entire mix is meant to play as a time-lapse of an entire night's worth of DJ sets. It builds to a rallying cry of cowbell-happy minimalism, digs deep into psychedelic sonics, takes a chill breather at the peak, then announces last call with a goofy digital-horn fanfare.

This mix represents the best electronic music I never knew before Kompakt Records clued me in. God bless Kompakt, and all who sail with them. Now turn it up and move.

Moebius / Neumeier: Jiro (Prins Thomas mix, part 2)
Freska: Mountain Ash
BNZO: Agbadza (Meerkat mix)
Luv Jam: Circle
Incyde: Sykle
Ryan Davis: Sideways (Morris Cowan mix)
ISO68: RunRunRun
Metaboman: Ergo Pure
Cupp Cave: Coke Owls
Maelstrom & Louisahhh: Hurry (Lurka mix)
Mia Dora: Un.Sub
Vitalic: Film Noir
Joakim: Would You Give Up?
Berk Offset: Gretchen und das Oszillophon
Dave Aju: RSHT
The Marx Trukker: Tape Be Good to You
DJ Tennis: Chirality (Plaid mix)
Fairmont: They Live in the Moon
Vai: Get Away from It All
Il Est Vilaine: Surf Rider
Dominik Eulberg: Unechte Wendeltreppe
Ada: Robotica
Peter Presto: Wiedersehnsucht


Gas, 1998-2000

Wolfgang Voigt's Gas project is the stuff of legend—which is sort of hard for me to wrap my head around. I didn't use to have too many friends into electronic music, so stumbling upon these records at the time was an entirely personal epiphany. I obsessed about them in private. They exerted a massive influence on my aesthetics—and by extension, me. (Buried somewhere, I have demo recordings I made, trying to imitate these records). I was so deeply wrapped in the Gas work, it was strangely life-affirming to find out they are so revered around the world. That I wasn't alone in my adoration. 

It's even nicer to finely get my hands on them.By the time I'd started collecting vinyl in earnest, all three of the individual Gas albums demanded ridiculously steep prices, so I was more than happy to plunk down for a pre-order of this box set collecting the first major Gas cycle (as well as the ultra-rare Oktember single).

While there are many artists who have drifted in Wolfgang Voigt's wake, I have not heard anything that matches these records (granted it's hard to be fair with nostalgia at play). These records are deliriously hypnotic with sounds that are for more than they appear. Volume unpacks layers of detail, deepening their effect. They are minimal only on paper. Each one is an entire world of sound you can wade into.

This set spared no expense. The box itself is clothbound. Each of the three LPs is cut as a spacious triple-record set. There's an entire coffee table book of photos continuing the theme from the original record covers (as well as housing the entire set on CD, for those digitally inclined).