Needles in the Ground EP

Khost, 2016

Being an omnivorous listener, I've always appreciated remix albums. It's a curious idea, filtering a finished work through other artists. It's even more odd when the entire piece is worked over by a single artist. It's almost, but not quite a 'what if so-and-so had produced this' proposition: the remixer gets finished, produced tracks and has a free hand to reimagine them without the artists' input. Record producers don't have that luxury. Seeing this EP was entirely worked over by Justin Broadrick (of Godflesh and Jesu fame) made it too tempting to miss. The funny thing is, I've yet to go back and listen to the album these songs came from… I can only imagine that Broadrick's take has pushed them to extremity. If they were originally more harsh than this, they'd hardly be songs at all.