Solomon's Seal

Pentangle, 1972

I bought this record somewhat on faith. I've listened to plenty of Pentangle in my day, but I'll be damned if I can keep 'em all straight (damn you, Spotify). When I stumbled upon Solomon's Seal at a booth at the Brooklyn Flea—in good condition and all—I decided to just go for it. The decision really came down to the lead song: Sally Free and Easy. It's a tune I first fixated on from the Magic Hour's debut. (Later, I would overplay the Trees version of it, which hews a little closer to the traditional stylings here). Ultimately, I'm quite happy with my luck. The best of this glides by effortlessly, utterly masking how complex it truly is. They are all exorbitantly gifted players who make celtic folk, blues and jazz seem perfectly natural bedfellows.