field report no.102817

LOCATION: the Mothlight AVL.NC
SUBJECT: Hailu Mergia

Moving from NYC to Asheville forced me to branch out. In New York, there was always something that fit the bill (as it were), but in Asheville I must, to some degree, take what's on offer. All the listing for Haliu Mergia needed to say was that he was an Ethiopian jazz musician from the 70s—I've devoured enough of the Éthiopiques album series enough to know what was in store.

It's a rare treat, anywhere, to see this form of groovy, traditional music presented by someone who was a part of its creation. Relying on the Fender Rhodes sets Mergia apart, though—most Ethio-jazz relies on tinny, biting organ sounds. The Rhodes' dulcet bell tones set a dreamier mood.  My favorite by far, though, was when Mergia switched to accordion. The pump action of the accordion mimicked the heavy, vibrato voicing I've come to associate with the 'Ethiopian Sound'. Aided by an able rhythm section, Hailu Mergia gave a small crowd in Asheville a master class in Ethio-jazz.

NOTES: Hailu Mergia Band; Lord King