Motore Immobile

Giusto Pio, 1979

Reissue culture's constant search for untouched veins to mine has redrawn the lines of the avant garde's borders as well as it's audience. Giusto Pio's little heard work Motore Immobile, is a fine example of a recently unearthed work that sits in no man's land between minimalism, new age and new wave. It's based (as the title might imply) around organ drones, but lacks the sterility of the academia. The edges are softened by a pillowy drift, but Pio's work isn't cloying enough to be New Age, nor does it's easy musicality make it poppy. The definitions process music with are near useless for this sort of thing, especially when it dates from as far back as 1979.

Lately there's been a clutch of new music interested in just this same sort of genre-envelope pushing. It ends up a sort of chicken-and-egg question: are we interested in reissuing records like Motore Immobile because they're more suited for our times than their own, or is the reissuing of so many records like Pio's informing a new generation of artists?