Import Fruit

Georgia, 2016

Sub-genres in electronica tend to be less siloed than other types of music—a feature I've always found attractive. Dubstep may have been the it-thing at the turn the century, but almost every flavor of techno upped their bass game because of dubstep's advances. Footwork has been having its moment in the sun, and seemingly every style is paying closer attention to the detail and dynamics of their drum work.

A clutch of these adapters have opted for softer, tuned percussion—like marimbas and talking drums—over footwork's grime-styled concussive hits. This palette implies that artists like Georgia perhaps hail from some acid-jazz branch of the downtempo family tree, but the bewildering beats on Import Fruit are having none of that. Amongst rapid fire, 3-dimensional drum constructions, there are hints of Autchre's algorhythmic skullduggery, making any pattern impossible to discern. Despite all the amount happening at any given moment, each individual sound is crystal clear, with its own space carved into the mix. This is no music for your mindfulness practice.