Disappears, 2015

At first I found Disappears fun(ish), but a tad dull. By their fifth record, I'd say they're absolutely compelling. It's not merely a result of them becoming better (they have), but now I like their older records far more than I used to. I suppose I needed an 'a-ha' moment; meet them on their own terms. That fifth record—Irreal, my personal revelation—seems a perfect pick then to include in my collection. It's urgently dystopian, but fixed to the spot. The repetitions, though they invoke krautrock, are far more reminiscent of industrial music: rather than driving it straight on to the horizon, they provide a fixed center for the rest of the song to swirl around. The production is elegantly dub-touched, with echoes, drop-ins and a heavy bass undertow. I am now, officially, look forward to their next missive.