Dubbing at King Tubby's

Dennis Brown, approx.1977

My reggae collection is haphazard, at best. To be honest, I have less of a reggae collection than I do a rocksteady or dub collection. Early techno featured heavily in my formative musical years, and the word 'dub' gets tossed around quite a bit, in that context. It seemed inevitable that, when it finally came time for me to dip a toe into reggae, dub is where I'd start,.

I have to admit that I enjoy the style enthusiastically but I'm not a 'fan' (in the sense that I haven't delved into it thoroughly). When it comes to dub, the main names I'll pull up are King Tubby and Lee Perry, which is an entry level answer. Partly, this is because the provenance of reggae music seems so muddled and confused my inner librarian waves me off every time. Parsing out an accurate chronology of these artists and styles is a life's work and I'm just here for the scenery.

Luckily, King Tubby was a prolific producer and he's treated scores of artists with his dub stylings. He's made a great lodestone, guiding me to the Aggrovators, Agustus Pablo, and now Dennis Brown. Not a bad way go, if I do say so.