Cold Hot Plumbs

Damaged Bug, 2015

I was late to Thee Oh Sees party. I'd heard some of the bands they're commonly associated with, and wasn't terribly inspired to seek more out. When head Oh See, John Dwyer, released his first album as Damaged Bug I stopped to take note. Maybe it was the hilarious cover, looking from inside a spaceship cockpit with a tiny portrait of glam-era Brian Eno tucked propped up on the con, that caught my attention.

It didn't take long before I was playing catch-up, collecting all I could get my hands on. Even still, I was excited when a new Damaged Bug record was announced—meaning it was going to be more than a one-off. With Cold Hot Plumbs, it would be inaccurate to call this a side project, it's more an off-shoot or sub-group—a bizarro world Oh Sees with keyboards instead of guitars (it even features the same two-drummer line-up). After a decade of singular pursuit, Dwyer's peculiar take on psychedelic songwriting is a reliable engine. If he keeps up his frantic pace, it will be well on its way to a sub-genre all itself.