Liaisons Dangereuses

Liaisons Dangereuses, 1981

I feel especially lucky to live through this time. As a voluminous consumer of music, I have ready access to more of it than any previous generation—and for a mere pittance. I also lived through a portion of the time when buying music required you to leave your home and exchange money for physical goods. Even though there were places with loads of music to buy, you could only afford so much of it and the economics of that meant stuff frequently went out of print and was just not readily available.

Now I can revel in the worlds of spotify and google-play. For the really hard stuff, there's a shadier side of the internet, too. Even my desire for physical objects is well met. We're going through a vinyl renaissance, as things are once again pressed onto hard wax. Albums long forgotten and prohibitively collectible are being re-released at alarming rates. That is how I now own the much-mentioned-but-much-more-rarely-heard Liaisons Dangereuses. This one-off German industrial group has connections to DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten and Mania. It has a sound exactly the sound to fill so many Brooklyn 20-somethings today with envy. Arpeggiated analogue keyboards, compressed synthetic drum sounds wrapped in a starkly funky but minimalist structure. The part that's harder to recapture is more ephemeral: Liaisons has a palpable sense of adventure and discovery.