Ambiq 2

Max Loderbauer / Claudio Puntin / Samuel Rohrer, 2015

Sometimes, the world just seems to work in cycles. Safe in Harbour was easily in my top ten last year, but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't because half the duo of Ricardo Villalobos. The other half, Max Loderbauer, I'd never really followed, per se. Even when I looked him up, it was more, "Oh, he's the dude who was Sun Electric in the 90s, hmm. Never really listened to them." Then very recently I bought a Thomas Friedmann EP which featured a ridiculously killer remix by Samuel Rohrer.

What really brought me to table was the remix EP from Ambiq 2. It featured a mixes by an old favorite (Thomas Fehlmann) and new obsession (Margaret Dygas). Those tracks were so damn good it sent me rushing out to see what else I could subsequently acquire. The original Ambiq 2 LP is actually less electronica than I expected from the remix EP, and more along the lines of lounge-y, electroacoustic improvisation. It's hyper-detailed in an unfussy way, making each pass and variation a new impression. Though subtle, it forces you to meet it half way by refusing to just loop and simply fade into the background.