field report no.101619

SUBJECT: Thalia Zedek / Chris Brokaw

I have a soft spot for the indie rock survivors. Coming of age in the grunge era, I witnessed the post-Nirvana feeding frenzy: bands that would never reach more than cult status, snatched up by labels with outsize expectations of their sales potential. There’s no shortage of bands who were grist for that particular mill. Some of them came out the other end, and thankfully, soldier on to this day. Theirs is a will create one ought to respect.

Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw led the harrowing indie rock band, Come: a slowburn indie-punk outfit originating out of the Boston scene. Thalia’s career reaches all the way back to the early 70s, with Dangerous Birds, Uzi, then Live Skull. I’ve followed Zedek ever since hearing Come. Her low, raspy voice is perfectly pitched for excoriating tales that would give bluesman pause. Hers is the voice of hard-won experience.

Come did a short reunion tour a few years back, (that I caught in Brooklyn), but this intimate show in a local art gallery brought the two back together (again). They each did a solo set—flipping a coin to see who would go first—then ended the night with a handful of Come songs. They may have been through the grinder, but I hope they’re proud there’s still an eager audience for songs they wrote over 20 years ago.

Now I just hope Zedek’s new band, E, perhaps adds Asheville to their potential tour schedule, too.

NOTES: Thalia Zedek; Chris Brokaw