Air Lows

Sivlia Kastel, 2017

Silvia Kastel Air Lows

Silvia Kastel is one of a handful of musicians courting synth-pop from a thornier higher ground. She represents half the noise duo, Control Unit, but on this mini-album, she’s concerned keyboard-driven sort of distended song-craft that retains at least some vaguely recognizable forms. Albums like Air Lows lead me to believe we might be living through a real moment in underground electronic music. Techno and dance continues its fragmented reign, but artists like Kastel are shaping an entire network of retro-synth-futurists charting new destinations from old routes. It distinctly feels as if we’re hearing the records, that 15-20 years hence, will be rediscovered by a new generation of obsessive crate diggers, finally prepared to hear it.