Survival Techniques

Bay B Kane, 1995

Like many people I only really started collecting vinyl in earnest once I'd already transitioned to a mostly digital library. The tactile qualities of vinyl, the physical presence of it—frankly, the actual relationship with the object and what it contains—made owning an album a sort of place of honor for an artist in the collection. Given that timing, though, there are some things I would have more of had I been buying vinyl all along, like drum-n-bass. This double-12" reissue of Bay B Kane's Survival Techniques stands in for that era, then. It popped up in Boomkat's weekly, new-release round-up. This is exactly what Luke Vbert is recreating on those retro, Amen Andrews LPs. Hearing Kane, even for the first time, I immediately recognized archetypical ur-jungle. The breaks are constantly rolling, giving you an exhilerating sense of endless acceleration. There's rude boy samples, wobble bass… all the hallmarks of the genre. I may not have known Bay B Kane's work back in 1995, but if I had, there's no way I wouldn't have been into it.