Selected Ambient Works, 85-92

Aphex Twin, 1992

Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works

Richard D. James will always be remembered as some sort of avant-bad-boy of 90s electronica. A masterful producer who single-handedly moved the genre as a whole forward (on multiple occasions), he was also an impish provocateur to have become the face of British electronica. For all his innovative releases, the one I spin most often is his rather unassuming, early collection: Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Essentially, it’s a gentle collection of room temperature synths and lightly pulsating rhythms, but even still, it was years ahead of its peers (even if the dates on the label are a lark). Each track is perfectly balanced between an austere minimalism and an inviting warmth.

In all honesty, this record is a time and place unto itself, for me Listening to it is an emotional mnemonic device that never fails to make me happier.