Duomo Sounds Ltd.

Various, compiled 2017 (recorded, early 80s)

Given the nature of not only our streaming culture, but also the crate-digging vinyl reissue market, we have access to far more music than any one person would have ever previously imagined. It’s hard enough now, trying to wrap your head around popular music, but now we have every flavor of every style from every corner of the globe at our disposal. It makes dabblers of most us, sampling this or that, but by no means experts in any one thing.

Thank god for collections like Duomo Sounds. They give us a window into, or overview of styles most would otherwise never know. Sure Talking Heads and Paul Simon (and, if we’re honest, the ‘world’ music section at Tower, back in the day) raised the profile of music from the African continent, but a good collection gets us past Simon, even beyond the introductory artists, like Fela Kuti, to a broader picture.

Duomo Sounds sets out to document Nigerian disco, hailing from the 80s. As an American, I always find it interesting to hear how the sounds we’ve exported, come back, after being assimilated into another culture. Doubly so with something like disco, that frankly, I’m not too invested in, domestically. I’m far more enamored with the Nigerian strain than our own—and I hope, at least, it’s not just playing into exoticism.