field report no.102117

LOCATION: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium AVL.NC
SUBJECT: Asheville Symphony Orchestra

Asheville Symphony Orchestra performs Tchaikovsky 5th Symph

As someone who doesn't go out to the symphony all that often, I was inordinately excited to find out that Asheville has its own symphony orchestra. During the 2017-18 season, they are auditioning finalists to be the new conductor and artistic director. Each major concert of the season features a different conductor, curating a set of their choice. Rei Hotoda's lineup caught my eye for including a modern concerto written for tabla and orchestra, by Dinuk Wijeratne, along with some more traditional fare by Dvorák and Tchaikovsky.

The concerto that brought there me ended up a disappointment. Perhaps it was well played, but unfortunately the mix was way off. The mic'd tablas overwhelemed the orchestra. It was all percussion and dimly heard strings. What did make it through, sounded as if the sections of the orchestra were used in rounds, to give the soloist, Sandeep Das, free reign to navigate his circuitous rhythms through it all, but it was hard to tell.

The revelation of the evening, for me, was Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony. My Tchaikovsky barely extends beyond 1812 and the Nutcracker (the latter of which I've heard the composer himself didn't care for). This was far less cloying. It relied heavily on the underused lower registers of the pit, all contrabasses and low woodwinds. It gave the work and meaty, tactile sonorous quality.

NOTES: Rei Hotoda, conductor; Dvorák; Wijeratne; Sandeep Das, tabla; Tchaikovsky;