field report no.101317

LOCATION: Masonic Temple AVL.NC
SUBJECT: Bill Callahan

Even before he traded in Smog for his real name, Bill Callahan was shifting from stylized indie-rock productions to more stripped-back, malleable, folk forms. Live, he handles these simple structures with a bluesman's flair of timing—drawing out bars or speeding them up, to suit the mood or his whimsy. The electric guitarist, brought along as sole accompanist, deftly navigated his tempo shifts, adding color whilst taking care to not push the outside songs' boundaries. Despite their traditional framework, Callahan's songs never feel trite. He avoids relying on tired lyrical tropes of the styles he's donning. The differentiation is writ plainly on his face: where the average troubadour would be earnestly closing their eyes as they sang to covey their sincerity, Callahan stares wide-eyed into the audience, brows arched up as sings, looking charged and  electrified.

I had thought, for such a simple presentation, they had quite an elaborate stage set up, featuring a small forest of cutout trees with a multi-layer scrim painting. That was until Callahan made a comment about the oddity of it all. It must have been some part of a production going on the same stage, but really, it seemed perfect.

NOTES: Bill Callahan