l'Appel du Vide

Jake Meginsky, 2014

If your aesthetic path has yet to stray near anything like musique concrète, then Jake Meginsky's l'Appel du Vide will probably confound you—it might not even seem much like music at all. This exploration of sound delights in the physical properties of your inner ear. It will be, to most, extreme. The frequencies are unnatural: from needling highs to subsonic lows. The rhythms are the patterns of insect hives. Your response to this record will likely be visceral: either it demands you end it or you cease all else and dwell in it fully. When I devote time to l'Appel du Vide, I'd swear I can feel my own brain working overtime, firing extra neurons, trying to parse what I'm hearing. It's a form of mindufulness, in its own disorienting sense.