Find Me Finding You

Lætitia Sadier Source Ensemble, 2017

While Stereolab was a going concern, Tim Gane got most the credit for how their music sounded—him, or Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas… or whoever was producing a particular record. If you follow how their respective post-Lab careers have played out, there's a strong argument for Lætitia Sadier as the guiding force. Find Me Finding You sounds like an awfully direct extension from where Chemical Chords left off, and is the best dose of the signature Stereolab sound since the breakup. It's more than her distinctive singing, it's a songwriting voice. Even the arrangements evoke the same airs. Sure, perhaps it's a case of the people working with her trying to recreate it, but that would be selling Sadier short—robbing her of sway in the proceedings or denying her force of vision. No from here on out, I am reassessing my preconceptions of her (now vast) catalogue.