Morals and Dogma

Deathprod, 2000

Helge Sten, aka Deathrpod, is far more well known as a member and producer of Supersilent than a solo artist. Even though the core of his ambient output is discussed in hush tones, its remained only intermittently in print. Rune Grammafon re-issued four of them on CD in 2004, and now again on vinyl in 2017.

His ambient spaces are like celestial white noise. There's a hint of the sacred in each track, even if the tonal center is entirely obliterated. The very source of the sound is abstracted. Is Orgone Donor a play on words to impart both sublime airs and also hint at the instrumentation? It may in fact include an organ, but there's also something more tactile amassing as the song goes on; perhaps some bowed strings. The stark presentation—after removing the loose obi strip from the packaging, the entire cover is matte black—leaves the mystery be. The are sounds left to their own beatific allure.