This Is Not the World

The Futureheads, 2008

Bands will often get hyped under whatever banner is moving units at that given time. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact Teenage Fanclub was initially promoted as grunge. The Futureheads arrived on a wave of post-punk redux, and were thus packaged as the next Franz Ferdinand. Their style was wiry enough to make the case, but upon reflection, they were always aspiring to something more vintage. They have a knack for fist-pumping, Jam-esque choruses and rely heavily on the sort of multi-part harmonies that always evoke the 60s.

I was inclined to give them a fresh listen when I learned they had broke from their label and were self-releasing their third record, This Is Not the World. It ended up being one of those albums, you don't think much of one way or the other on first listen, but if you take stock six months later, you've came back to it far more often than you had thought.