Field Report no.080316 A/B

LOCATION: The Stone NY.NY / Baby's All Right BK.NY
SUBJECT: Mary Halvorson and Brandon Seabrook / Shopping

I had a ticket to see Shopping at Baby's All Right. I recently discovered that a small clutch of new bands I was into (Shopping, Sacred Paws, Trash Kit, Golden Grrrls) were all led by the same woman: Rachel Aggs. That discovery made me all the more keen to catch this show, but it wasn't until rock time (doors at 9pm). I could cool my jets at work and keep punching the clock (for free), or bike all the way home to almost immediately head back out… Or, come to find out, one of my favorite guitarists was doing a weeklong residency at The Stone (in the Lower East side), with a tempting duo set at 8pm this very night. Essentially, I could get off work, grab a beer, catch some jazz, bike over the Williamsburg bridge, and see some rock-n-roll. God bless NYC.

Mary Halvroson and Brandon Seabrook are two of the most buzzed about young jazz guitarists in the country and they couldn't be more different. Halvorson is all business, her playing as dizzying as it can be, always feels considered and confident. There is no other way that line would go, while it will never be the same again. Seabrook's far more flamboyant while he chops at his strings with spastic fury, reminding me most of Cecil Taylor's style. Surely, somewhere in that flurry of notes is the one you're looking for.

There was a particularly striking moment where Halvoroson had built a loop on a delay pedal of random moments punched in and out while she was soloing—so it was a hodge-podge of half notes cut and pasted together—and in seconds Seabrook had mentally processed this collage and begun doubling it on his guitar, manually. 

After a quick pedal over the bridge, I was deep in the crowd to catch the last opener before Shopping: what proved to be a very worthy band called Gauche. They reminded me most of Lora Logic's solo records (and that's a high complement). Shopping is a music of muscular economy. They exist somewhere on a spectrum between ESG and Young Marble Giants. They work every note for all it's worth and sweat it out on the stage. I don't think I could have asked for much more of a random Wednesday night on the town. 

NOTES: Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook; Shopping, Gauche