Before We Sleep

Camara, 2016.

Sometimes it feels like I have a world of references, connections and personal obsessions that I can't translate to the outside world. Some time ago, while I spent a solid 3 years searching for the most obscure post-punk ephemera that could be unearthed, I fixated on this odd little record record by an Italian band named Mickeranno. It's their solitary release and sounds like the result of merging early Durutti Column with the Young Marble Giants: instrumental and stately, but also home spun and conversational. This is relevant (to me) because listening to Camara's Before We Sleep, I couldn't stop comparing her to Mickeranno. Her bass-driven new wave miniatures have a demo quality (in the most endearing way), and she taps a similar emotional vein that's yearning and vulnerable but hopeful at the same time. Since there's a relative dearth of Mickeranno to collect, I'll take Before We Sleep, too.