field report no.052716

LOCATION: the Bellhouse BK.NY

I've had a long and storied history with Luna. I first saw them in PDX in 1993 and my connection with their music has outlasted most my human relationships. They became one of those bands I'd see every time they came through town, like checking in with visiting friends. "Hey! How are you? We've grown and changed, a little. Here's what we've been up to…"

So it was something of a shock—if not a surprise—to here they were disbanding in 2005. Luckily, in our current era, these break-ups never really stick. While it's not always clear who is clamoring for some band's reunions, Luna's cult has remained small but loyal. They sold out a good-sized club this night, and I saw no shortage of middle-aged men clutching the newly released, $100, 6LP box-sets from the merch-table. 

Sure, I've enjoyed Dean's work since Luna, but I have to admit it's somehow comforting seeing them back together, if only briefly. They ran through a clutch of their most-popular songs (including two from Britta's new solo album and a Cure cover thrown into the encore) before they closed out with 23 Minutes in Brussels. This wasn't a life-changing show, it was one of half a lifetime of shows. It was true quality time spent with songs that, by now, are old friends.

NOTES: Luna; Heaven (not witnessed)