Last Evenings on Earth

Melt Yourself Down, 2016

It's easy to scoff at Melt Yourself Down's attempts at far-out, edgy party vibes, but I think it requires more context than that. There's actually a widely respected history to this music—that is, if you consider the revered acts of avant-pop of Downtown NYC in the late-70s  / early-80s. Honestly, how far is it from James Chance and the Contortions to Melt Yourself Down? The whole proposal, from the outset, is filled with camp. So, what makes one irresistible and anther embarrassing? One key ingredient I feel I've identified is: a commitment to purpose. The band needs to rank absolute zero on the Ironic Distance Scale. Sure, no artist could truly commit to such ridiculous hedonism so fully, but you need to believe they do. Irony breaks the spell and exposes the cracks in your suspension of disbelief.