field report no.050816

LOCATION: Baby's All Right BK.NY
SUBJECT: White Lung

This was a blitzkrieg of a show. Much like their full-throttle records, White Lung burned through a set in half the time it takes any ordinary band. I suppose it may not be uncommon for a punk band—but I'm loathe to use that term in general. I'm not sure what punk, as a style, is much anymore. Calling something 'punk' comes with too much historical freight. I will say this, the set may not have been very long, but it didn't leave you feeling shortchanged.

White Lung stand out from any number of bands that could possibly be considered their peers. The component parts may seem similar, but there's an alchemical spark here—something comes alive. They certainly have a distinctive and memorable leader in Mish Way, who's bellow and presence are hard to ignore.

NOTES: White Lung; Wives