The Sermon!

Jimmy Smith, 1959

Previously, I'd picked up Jimmy Smith's Hobo Flats. A little hazy on his catalog, I knew enough to recognize him as a bonafide legend of soul jazz. Seeing an LP at a good price, I snatched it up. All told, it was alright—but I could do better. Even if I wasn't more acquainted with his work now, a few years later, I would have picked up The Sermon! as a replacment. It's a prime-era Blue Note record, with a ridiculous line-up including the Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Kenny Burrell and Tina Brooks (amongst others). The late-50s gifted us a treasure trove of extended, all-star studio jams like this (the title track, here, takes up all of side one). This is the exact sound I imagine when I think of toe-tappin', finger-snappin' jazz.