Sunday Morning Drones

Beacon Sound Choir, 2016

It's probably good I didn't know what a short little piece of work this was when I was plunking down for it. Of course, if I had read the description more closely—a 1-sided, 45rpm, 10-inch record—it should have been obvious. What you receive instead of length is quite a lovely art object. The record itself is golden brown, with a moiré-pattern screen print on side two. The (very) limited edition also included a single original snapshot photo. I don't know each is different or if they're all the same, but I received one with a black-n-white photo of a bike—as if it were serendipitously made just for me. Concerning the music, you get two hypnotic drones of an a wordless chorale, 30-people strong. Sublime secular spirituals.