Coming Down

Daniel Ash, 1991

In retrospect, as a solo debut (by the leader of successful band) Coming Down is nearly an archetype. Daniel Ash goes out of his way to prove he's so much more than the goth'd up glam rock he was known for. Just look at the covers on it: Blue Moon, Daytripper, Me & My Shadow. Almost laughably, it all still sounds so… Love & Rockets. While his band always had a knack for compelling diversions this album plays like a collection of them alone. He touches on faux-jazz torch-songs and those blissed out 12-string acoustic ballads he does so well. By the end, the (fast) version of the title song and the This Love (which is basically So Alive, pt.2)—both tracks that are exactly what you would expect from Ash—sound like concessions; as if tacked on to satisfy the label.