The B-52's, 1982

The first B-52s tape I ever bought was a cassette copy of Mesopotamia. I'm pretty sure that the mini-album appeared in full on both sides of the tape. Maybe that's the reason I come back to this one, again and again. Apparently, it was meant to be a full-length album but aborted because the band was unhappy with David Byrne as producer. They felt he was trying to make them sound too much like the Talking Heads (like that's a terrible thing). Ironically, Talking Heads had recently parted ways with Brian Eno for similar reasons. Regardless, there's something in the claustrophobic, airless sound of this EP that makes the 52's come off as arty as they are goofy, making the humor more subversive--at least in these post-Love Shack, times.