Songs for a Tailor

Jack Bruce, 1969

To be honest, I never would have considered this record before—never had much love for Cream… I'm not trying to be a hater, they just never did it for me the way they do, quite apparently, for other people. That's cool and all.

I am a voracious music-reader, though. One of my recent online digestifs is the Quietus' Baker's Dozen series—where an artist selects 13 desert island albums. I'll at least, skim them—even if I don't know the artist selecting all that well.

This was the case with Graham Parker's Baker's Dozen. He tossed in Tailor—his description of it was enough to convince me to check it out. It may well have been a right-time-right-place sort of thing. I was already going through an 'oddities of the late-60s / early-70s' phase. Then (as luck would have it) a scant few days later, while I was going to get tacos with my lady, there was a sidewalk record sale next to our usual mexican joint. She encouraged me to check it out (probably because I was rubbernecking at the table). In that sale I found Songs for a Tailor for $5. It seemed the universe was bossing me around, and I felt obligated to comply