The Beat from Badsville, vols.1-4

Various Artists, 2012-16

When I saw this come across my horizon, buying it was a forgone conclusion.

Consider it a matter of gross oversight, but I didn't discovering The Cramps until I was well into my late-20s. This collection, of early rock-n-roll comes from the Cramps' own vast collection of obscure rock 45s. These all walk the line between delicious camp and insatiable fun. More often than not, both at once?

Somewhere along the way, I decided that entire compilation series are permissible under my curatorial rules of 1-vinyl-per-artist. This series may be a strong influencer on that decision. I'm never going to buy a record by any of the artists on these comps, even if I could. They 're great fun to have around, though. Additionally, each volume is released as double 10-inches. How can you expect me to resist that?